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COVID-19 Statement for our customers and business partners


COVID-19 Statement

To our valued partners

The spread of the COVID-19 virus and the related necessary measures are creating significant challenges to all of us. In this situation, top priority is given to ensure health and safety of staff members, clients and suppliers.
We would like to provide some information to you regarding our current operations and the precautions that have been taken.

Contact: How to contact the Dispomedica team in case of any questions?

All the Dispomedica Team will be available for your questions and concerns via the usual digital channels.

As far as technically and organizationally possible, the team is working from home. However, all contact persons remain available under the known e-mail addresses and phone numbers.
For the time being, and based on the legal regulations, business trips including customer or supplier visits have been discontinued completely. Meetings and conferences are held via phone or video.
Where work can be performed at site only (production, logistics), staff members are organized in partitioned groups and areas.

Supplies: Will the current COVID-19 cause delivery delays?

Production at Dispomedica keeps running smoothly. Supply chain and delivery capability are secured under current conditions.

We do not realize any negative impacts on our services or the delivery capability of our products presently. As we are exclusively running the production in our plant in Hamburg, Germany, we are not dependent on just-in-time deliveries of subcontractors from all over the world.
Moreover, we are in close contact and continuous exchange with our suppliers, forwarders and logistics specialists. Should any foreseeable bottlenecks occur, we will immediately contact you to find a common solution.
Of course we are unable to anticipate the development of the next weeks, but we have taken all  possible precautions to ensure our delivery capability further on. In particular, we are in close communication with our health authorities, in order to master potential emergency scenarios in the event of in-house infections, and to avoid limitations of our delivery capability.
In case of severe disturbances in our operations, slight delivery delays might occur nevertheless.

Being considered as a systemically relevant production enterprise, we are in a special status in case of an escalating crisis in Germany. This will help us to continue operating even under aggravated conditions.

Further steps that have been taken

Our hygiene and safety provisions meet the highest level in all operations in standard.

In this particular situation, all staff members have been  well trained in respect to the additional hygiene and prevention measures and are strictly obliged to follow them.
Beyond that, we are monitoring the developments attentively, in order to immediately implement the necessary measures into our operations.
A special crisis team has been set up in addition to our regular safety management system, which is  permanently reviewing the current risk status.

Any questions?

Please feel free to address your contact person in case of any queries or concerns under the known e-mail address or phone number. We shall be happy to support you in any way we can.
Cope well with these challenging times and stay in good health.

Our special thanks go to the ‚heroes of the crisis‘ – to all those, who are risking their own health and life, who are working far beyond the limits,  who have to watch immeasurable suffering.
We are taking this opportunity to wish you plenty of power and endurance for the coming tasks and also lots of arms to share your burden.

Marco Geyer
Managing Director

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