Medi-vein Strip Medi-vein Strip


For removal of superficial varicose veins

Disposable Vein Stripper

Medistrip is designed for transluminal removal of superficial varicose veins from lower limbs and optionally offers distal or proximal access for anterograde or retrograde stripping. It facilitates stripping of different sized varices with one single instrument and features a highly flexible multifilament stainless steel wire, to offer increased kink-resistance and higher tensile strength compared to Nylon wires, which saves strength and time during handling and improves effectiveness. The smooth wire coating offers easy and atraumatic passage through veins and venous valves. Medistrip features olives and a handle, which can be optionally attached at both wire ends.


  • High tensile strength up to 30 kg
  • FEP coated stainless steel wire
  • Multifilament wire construction for increased flexibility
  • Free from torsions and kinking

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