Two Lumen Occlusion Catheter  Two Lumen Occlusion Catheter Detail View

Occlusion Catheter

Large balloon capacity for occlusion of vessels

Balloon catheter for temporary occlusion of vessels

Designed to control acute and life-threatening haemorrhages or for pre-operative use. This balloon catheter allows temporary occlusion of vessels up to 40 mm diameter in case of aortic or cardiac haemorrhage, haemorrhages near the cranial base (V. jugularis interna) or ruptured aortic aneurysms.


  • Large balloon capacity facilitates occlusion of vessels up to 40 mm ø
  • Particularly resistant, highly flexible balloon material to prevent balloon rupture
  • Soft and compliant latex material
  • Strong balloon bond
  • Length markings in 10 cm intervals for accurate positioning 
  • Maximum balloon inflation capacity printed on the catheter body
  • Radiopaque

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