Variosu Single Lumen Embolectomy Catheters

Single Lumen Embolectomy Catheters

For removal of soft occluding material from the arterial system

Embolectomy Catheters used for the Clot Management

Embolectomy Catheters used to remove soft occluding material (embolus / thrombus) from the arterial system, in vessel surgery or for haemodialysis access by use of the Fogarty technique.


  • Catheter body made of polyamide to provide the highest  flexibility and superior strength
  • Removable metal stylet 
  • Rounded tip for less traumatic application
  • Centered balloon 
  • Double fixed balloon for increased safety
  • Length markings in 10 cm intervals (2 F catheter: 5 cm) 
  • French size and max. balloon inflation capacity printed on the catheter shaft
  • Colour coded for quick identification of sizes

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