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Surgical medical disposables

Making a significant contribution to the improvement of patient care and safety is the highest priority of Dispomedica‘s high quality product range.

Dispomedica is a Neuromedex brand and provides high-quality products to the specialist medical trade, offering a wide range of medical disposables for the fields of cardiology & intensive care medicine, cardio surgery, gastroenterology as well as general surgery.


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Temporary Bipolar Balloon Pacing Catheter

For intravenous placement

Our temporary bipolar balloon pacing catheter allows intravenous placement without fluoroscopic monitoring at the patient’s bedside. The catheter is designed for pre- and postoperative and emergency stimulation as well as an interim support during pacemaker exchange or intracardial monitoring.


ERCP balloon catheter

For simplified cholangiography and stone extraction

2-lumen construction and 3-lumen construction for safe and precise removal of stones from the CBD and to perform a retrograde cholangiography. The specifically designed Switch-Lock connector, fixed onto the proximal catheter port, offers an optimized, time saving procedure: when closing the Switch-Lock with the guide wire in place, contrast medium can be injected simultaneously without leakage.


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