Securo Drain Securo Drain

Securo Drain®

Closed wound drainage system with perforations for careful aspiration of secretion

Low-vacuum wound drainage

Closed drainage system with manual low-vacuum regulation for the gentle drainage of blood and secretion following e.g. dissection of axillary lymph nodes or mammaplasty. Offers excellent results thanks to its non-adherent material properties and its adaptability to anatomical requirements. Silicone reservoir with integrated anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow and the risk of retrograde infections.


  • Made of non-adherent, hypoallergenic silicone material
  • Extremely soft and pliable
  • Allows an easy, low-pain drainage removal
  • Ribbed inner wall design guarantees a problem-free drainage
  • Latex-free
  • Transparent silicone reservoir with graduations
  • Large clip on the reservoir allows attachment to clothes for a better patient mobilisation
  • Integrated anti-reflux valve to prevent backflow
  • adjustable vacuum (0 mmHg to (-)60 mmHg) for individual requirements

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